Terug Sep 19, 2017

NIEUW-BEIJERLAND – Heerschap Drainage from Nieuw-Beijerland has recently put an extra heavy duty Floor semi-trailer into use for the transportation of the heavy machines that the company deploy. Director David Heerschap explains that their fleet of machines is extremely diverse, with the heaviest drainage machine weighing 28 tonnes. With the focus on agricultural activities, a relatively light tractor is commissioned. To complement that, the preference goes out to a sturdy semi-trailer with a single, yet heavy front axle.

Pacton Trailers in Ommen supplied Heerschap Drainage with the new Floor 3-axle leaf springed semi-trailer chassis (type FLA-15-24). Their source of inspiration was a Floor semi-trailer that has done duty for Heerschap for fifteen already. Keeping the increase in work activities in mind, the company invested in a complete new set consisting of a tractor, drainage machine and semi-trailer. Heerschap remarks that they have observed a shift from trenchless drainage to trenchers. He explains that it works better on some soil types. It is not a coincidence that they opt for a somewhat oversized, heavy-duty execution of the new Floor semi-trailer. It is furthermore a conscious choice to have a single front axle rather than a tandem set so as to prevent the semi-trailer from knocking over the tractor on narrow, slippery farm roads. He explains that they have nothing but good experiences with the single axle that their current semi-trailer is supplied with. Pacton delivered a custom-made product meeting the list of requirements and desires of Heerschap entirely. According to Heerschap, Pacton is the only company that can provide such a heavy-duty with leaf suspension.

Tubular outriggers extension and hydraulic ramps

With a length of 10,15 m, of which the lower part is 8,30 m and a width of 2,55 m the semi-trailer is quite oversized for its task. Five tubular outriggers have been placed on the left- and right-hand side starting 900 mm behind the gooseneck. The unloaded height in the front is 1,41 m and 0.95 m at the back. The guaranteed front-axle capacity is 15,000 kg and for the rear axles it is 24,000 each and 39,000 kg added up. This is possible when travelling at a speed of no more than 50 km/h.

The chassis consists of two I-formed main frames with in-between cross members. The heavy-duty edge profile is connected to the chassis by means of side cross members, creating a strong, torsion elastic unit. The chassis is executed with a reinforced, deep gooseneck. The aggravated rear beam has been made suitable for the installation of the hydraulically-operated ramps. The transmission thereof is supplied by the tractor. The hinged landing gear makes stamping at the back possible. The entire chassis has been blasted, hot-dip galvanized, blasted with primer and covered with a stone chipping protective Floor-coating. It speaks for itself that the edge profile has been finished off with the ‘Heerschap-orange’.

Beyond the borders

Heerschap Drainage has been active in drainage since 1964. The third generation is currently running the family-owned business. Besides David Heerschap, his father as well as his uncle and nephew keep the business running. They have ten to fifteen employees, depending on the demand. Heerschap Drainage is in possession of a modern and specialised trailer- and machine park to cover all possible drainage activities. Their client base is made up of about 1,200 agricultural companies and approximately 100 construction companies. Their main focus regarding the agricultural sector lies in the South-western of the Netherlands, but for the drainage of sports grounds they are active in the whole of the Netherlands as well as Belgium. They go as far as France and England for deep drainage projects. Heerschap says that activities are picking up, especially in the agricultural sector. With that in mind, Heerschap says that people turn to trustworthy partners for reliable work.