Terug Jan 12, 2018

TILBURG – M.J. van Riel, with their head office situated in Tilburg, has recently implemented a remarkably special Floor stepdeck trailer with a curtainside construction. Due to the sliding hatch with large tarpaulins, a liftable roof and rear frame that can be turned out, it is possible to move or relocate any machine efficiently and flexibly. Pacton Trailers from Ommen nevertheless managed to build a relatively light semi-trailer with an axle weight of 32,000 kg and an admissible weight of 50,000 kg.

By virtue of the rear frame that can be turned out (approximately 75 cm) and the liftable roof – in four different places the roof can be lifted hydraulically/mechanically to accommodate an extra 45 cm in height for cargo – the new stepdeck trailer can be mobilized for the transport of machines that wouldn’t have fitted otherwise. Director Martin van Riel explains that they drive the machine inside and then lower the roof and turn the rear frame in. That makes this stepdeck trailer multifunctional in use. It is furthermore an advantage that the stepdeck trailer is not that heavy. Van Riel elaborates that a lighter stepdeck trailer results in more weight that can be transported, which is an absolute necessity when it comes to industrial movements. Van Riel (53) took the company over at the age of 20 after his father passed away in 1984. Van Riel remarks that his father founded the company in 1946. When he took over from his father, the fleet existed out of five cranes and two trucks.

Specialised semi-trailers

M.J. van Riel currently has many specialised semi-trailers among the fleet of 150 semi-trailers. The latest Floor stepdeck semi-trailer from Pacton has been detailed to demand. It is sure enough not the first semi-trailer that Van Riel purchases from Pacton. According to Van Riel, they aim for high quality. The stepdeck trailer has four axles and is 13,64 m in length, with a chassis height of 79 cm at the lower part of the stepdeck trailer. Furthermore, it has two rigid axles and two trailing axles with drum brakes. The sliding hatch can be pushed open to both the front, with the support beam automatically sliding along and to the back. The chassis has been finished off in the melon yellow colours of the company, as are the yellow tarpaulins, with excess tail, and is supplied with yellow reflective contour marking.

Capacity for every project

With locations in Tilburg, Eindhoven, Moerdijk and Oss, M.J. van Riel Ltd. supports the industrial sector as well as the building sector with their specialised logistical services, including special transportation; extraordinary hoisting equipment and crane rentals; industrial relocation and project management. Van Riel is in demand because of their specialisation in exceedingly heavy transportation by means of Scheuerle SPMTs, self-propelled transport modules. Van Riel explains that they are capable of moving 720 t twice. Their fleet forms the foundation of their service provision. He elaborates on their modern fleet counting many trucks, 150 semi-trailers and dozens of cranes. In addition, they have their own mobile tower cranes, tracked cranes and telescopic cranes in different executions and with various capacities to their disposal. According to Van Riel, their telescopic cranes have a range of capacities up to 450 t and their mobile tower cranes reach up to 60 m. Besides that, they are also importers of Doosan forklifts. Due to their fleet, they hardly ever have to decline a request. Fitting capacities for every project appeals to clients.

M.J. van Riel has been active in the industrial relocation and migration for quite some time. Van Riel mentions that they have clients in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium and England. Recently they have opened the doors of their fourth location, in Moerdijk and in March of 2018 they intend to start with the building activities there.