Floor drawbar trailer for transport container

Floor drawbar trailer for transport container
Terug Nov 21, 2016

FLOOR drawbar trailer for transport container

Pacton delivered a 3-axle FLOOR containerchassis to Bakker’s Recycling, situated in Coevorden, last week. The trailer is suitable for the transportation of 3 transport containers. The trailer is equipped with a conveyable lorry, enabling the middle container to be loaded from either the front or the back and moved into its position.

With the completion of this trailer, Pacton Trailers managed to expand on the existing wide range of trailers even more . The specific requirements of Bakker’s Recycling were translated by the competent and highly motivated engineering department in Pacton, to meet the exact needs and criteria of the customer to everyone’s satisfaction.

The trailer is provided with SAF-axles and disc brakes, with a technical capacity of 11 tons and a total of 30 tons permissible weight. The containers are secured onto the trailer with chains that run through the pre-assembled eyes on the trailer. The chains are stored quickly and safely directly underneath each eye in a deep box of perforated steel. A variety of stake pockets are incorporated into the floor, in which containerstops can be placed, so the lorry and containers can be placed strategically to allow containers of different sizes to be transported.

This order has been completed by Pacton in collaboration with Brinks Carrosserieen BV, Hengelo. The exterior design of the trailer in combination with the truck has been determined in consultation with the client. Specific wishes were met, resulting in a unique combination with the tailor made side protection.