Terug May 22, 2017

NIEUWEGEIN – The brothers Arnold and Martin Kant of the Kant Transport VOF in Nieuwegein, together have two trucks and three semi-trailers at their disposal. Of late Arnold Kant enjoys putting his brand new Volvo truck and new Pacton semi-trailer with a lorry mounted forktlift, to use. According to Arnold the decision to opt for the Pacton semi-trailer with specific options, was well thought-out and thanks to the Tridec steering system the semi-trailer doesn’t swing in the bends.

Kant Transport VOF is a small family owned company that has been active since 1962. They transport wood and building material and take care of volume transport to destinations within the Benelux such as France and Germany. The new curtainside trailer serves as replacement for a volume combi. Arnold explains that he has made use of a combi exclusively, as means of transportation for the last 26 years. He took into consideration the fact that they mainly transport wood and building material, but that the diversity of material being transported is growing. The ability to be able to offload independently is of growing importance.

Steering system

The Pacton curtainside trailer of the type TRD.342.T-EP1 has three axles of which two are steered. and the rear has been adapted to accommodate a forklift. The semi-trailer offers a technical capacity of 9,000 per axle. The elevatable front and rear axles are mounted on slewing rings and are steered by means of rods that are attached to coupling. The Tridec operating system with transmission mechanism knows many advantages. Kant elaborates on his choice of options of which the TD-X steering is one. By adding the TD-X steering, the chances of the semi-trailer swinging in the bends are minimized. That is certainly a huge advantage as well a reassuring idea when driving with the forklift through residential areas. This leads to another advantage namely that it also reduces tyre wear considerably.

Besides the Tridec steering system, Kant has also chosen to move the axles more to the back to create optimal weight distribution, allowing for a better fifth wheel load according to Kant. He adds that he wanted an attractive finish and selected two in colour spray painted stainless steel boxes and Alcoa Durabright rims to accomplish that. Kant is of the opinion that the bright white sides of the curtain, which opens to both the front and the back, are too white and that they lose their beauty and shine too quickly. He chose red tarpaulins and is satisfied with the completed semi-trailer as a whole.


Father Marinus Kant started the transport company in 1962. Currently the VOF constists of his two sons, Arnold and Martin. Martin transports a Pacton crane semi-trailer and points out that a part of their activities involve their own clients and a part involve their transporter colleagues. This is a combination that works out well for them. The new curtainside trailer adds to their flexibility, because it is suitable for a wider variety of cargo. Despite the difficult years that the transport sector has known, they were able to work their way through it due to a loyal customer base and a large network. Fortunately the tide is turning and they are enthusiastic about the future, with their new equipment at hand.

Pacton has delivered an extremely beautiful semi-trailer in their eyes. After the completion of the designing process, he was given a guided tour through the factory. He describes it as a streamlined process and jokingly says that he wouldn’t have minded to stay for the whole of the six weeks production period. He enjoys the many positive reactions that gets when he goes to work these days.